INTERVIEW - Frazer Bailey, owner of Moosey Art

I'm going to do a few interviews, I'll only ask a few questions because I wasn't born with an attention span and as the centre of the universe I don't expect anyone reading this to have one either. Just for fun.

Here's some Q's fired at Frazer Bailey, the owner of Moosey Art

(Bob) You look a bit like Olly Murs don't you?

(Frazer) Haha I get that every day... a cross between Olly Murs and Samuel L Jackson


(Bob) Whats the story behind you setting up Moosey art? Was owning a gallery always the plan?

(Frazer) I basically had this mad idea one day to start showing street/urban art in Norwich. I'm a huge fan of graffiti and then that evolved into a love of street art, I wanted to get the best artists in the world into to Norwich. I started by hiring a huge space in the city and curated my first exhibition called 'Art In My Mouth'. The next step was the relentless blag trying to get some big names in the show along with some home grown talent.

From this Moosey grew from strength to strength and we finally got approached to open our first space. I never dreamed or even thought about opening a gallery. Couldn't say no though.


(Bob) What did you get on in school and what did you do before Moosey?

(Frazer) I didn't really care about school when I was younger. The only things I liked there was football and graphic design. It was at school that I first read 'Subway Art' though and that started my love for it, so I suppose I did learn something. I was serving in the RAF as an engineer when I set up Moosey, I left that to do the whole art thing full time.


(Bob) You've worked with some of my favourtie artists, was it hard to establish the links that you have? Were people happy to get involved from the start, did you have to put extra graft in to be taken seriously?

(Frazer) This was all part of the buzz for me. It's an amazing feeling when you get a reply from one of your heroes. My approach was always honest and I would just simply ask them to be in one of my shows. I did find that when you get a big name in your lineup you tend to get a lot more yeses. When we somehow managed to get The London Police to come to our first show all we had to say to other artists was 'TLP are in'... no one said no after that. I think if we never got TLP on our side, Moosey wouldn't be going today. They really put us on the map.


(Bob) You're the first stockist for FANBOY, cheers! What made you want to sell T-shirts in your gallery and what's your views on how wanky "streetwear" is?

(Frazer) It was all a massive mistake, I actually thought you guys were 'Snob Mob' haha.

I kept seeing all the artists that I love releasing a t with you guys so I had to get in touch. The aim in getting shirts in the gallery was to treat them as a piece of art or print... they also sell really well as not a lot of people can afford art but can a shirt.

What does 'Streetwear' even mean? I think as soon as you label yourself a streetwear brand you instantly put yourself in a bracket of 4million other brands. What I like about you guys is that you don't give a fuck and you work with that obit guy.


(Bob) Well Snob Mob is my favourite brand so I'll thank you for the compliment. What have you got coming up this year aside from our "The London Police" collab?

(Frazer) Loads mate. We turnaround shows every 3 weeks and we're booked out until eater 2017. We're also really trying to push for some big old murals in Norwich, so its a constant battle with old people and money. Other than that I'm really trying to learn how to count cards, that takes up a lot of our time.


(Bob) Lovely